"Carte Blanche creates compelling marketing content.
No fluff. Just results-oriented copy that works."


I’m a freelance copywriter, which means I can work onsite alongside your creative team, or remotely (pending our mutual locations). Much of my business is currently conducted online, via video conference, phone and email. This flexibility means I am ultra-efficient, saving you time and money as you reap the rewards of a professional freelance copywriter service.

My scope of work spans across digital marketing including social media planning, as well as traditional print media and advertising.


My marketing copywriting services encompass both digital and print marketing, across a broad range of industry sectors. You might be a start-up looking for a perfect business name and tone of voice, or an established organisation simply looking to reconnect with your audience.

Copywriting in Melbourne, my strengths lie in partnering collaboratively with you and/or your creative team to give your brand a consistent identity through words. That might be through social media, a blog, a brochure, or your website.

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