I am a freelance copywriter. Also known as a content specialist, content marketing specialist, marketing writer, or grammar grinch.

What does it mean? I offer a professional copywriting service to companies looking to connect with their audience. It goes without saying that any piece of marketing needs to be underpinned by effective language that gets results. I do this by writing copy that your target audience engages with and understands.

I can help from the beginning, if you need it, with the establishment of a tone of voice suited to your identity. I can also provide ongoing support in the development of your content via digital and traditional channels. Or, it may just be that you have the content on paper, but it needs some fine tuning and a second eye to proof-read it. Better to give it to me than throw your laptop against the wall in frustration!

Advantages of a Freelance Copywriter

Whether you’re a start-up or a large enterprise, using a freelance copywriting service has significant advantages:

  • Perspective
    • I am on the outside looking in, which means I make sense of your jargon so your audience doesn’t have to.
  • Efficiency
    • I can be hired in advance for a set period of time, depending on your need. You only pay me for the hours that I spend on your job.
  • Clear and professional
    • I have seen so many businesses invest heavily in the design of their websites, while their copy looks to be an afterthought. Yes, a fantastic design is crucial to attracting the right attention quickly, but badly written copy is the easiest way to destroy your credibility.
  • Tell it how it is
    • When you outsource your copywriting, you can wave goodbye to the internal factions arguing about who thinks which words best describe the business or department. Once the tone, style and plan is agreed, at the end of the day it’s just about producing quality content.
  • No missed deadlines
    • Writing effective and well-crafted copy takes time. Especially if it’s not part of your normal role. All too often, blog plans are discreetly pushed to one side as other projects take priority, or white papers are bundled under a pile of reports that have ‘real’ deadlines. Save yourself the worry and outsource to a professional, whose sole role is to get quality content to you, on time.

If I’ve missed anything you’d like to know more about, please ask!