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These simple email marketing techniques will win you customers

Coralie Fernando - Sunday, April 10, 2016

We’ve all received EDMs from companies that we either do or don’t buy from. Sometimes we open the emails and sometimes we don’t. But what is it exactly that gets us to click through and open them? And more importantly, what is it that drives us to buy?

First things first, no amount of screamy capital letters, exclamation marks and neon signposting is going to do it for me. If anything, it has the opposite effect. Sure there are a few tips, tricks and key words you can use in your subject header to entice your reader to open the email, but when all is said and done, what will get them to want to open it consistently, time and again? What will see them look forward to receiving them?!

Simply good content. Good old fashioned quality content.

So what is it exactly that makes good content good? The truth about successful content that works is: it varies from one audience to the next. And once you’ve figured out what exactly your audience want to know about:

    Be yourself

This is a pretty simple concept, but it covers a whole host of more significant details. For example, being yourself means you’re communicating authentically. It means speaking with your unique tone of voice and a personal touch. As you start to build rapport with your audience, you’ll start earning trust. In a world where we’re so frequently bombarded with superfluous advertising, a genuine voice rings true and stands out from the crowd.

    Be consistent

Consistency isn’t a new concept, and it’s just as important in email marketing as any other channel. Not just in terms of tone of voice and copy style. Your emails should be going out as regularly as clockwork too, so think about how frequently your resources allow you to send emails vs. how regularly your audience are likely to want to hear from you. Daily, weekly, monthly? It will depend from once audience to another: consider testing between email lists to gauge how engagement and opt-outs compare.

Design-wise, maintain consistency as well. Keep it recognisable, on-brand and simple. In essence, don’t make it hard for people to work out what you want them to do.

    Offer quality

Write high quality content in your emails that actually delivers on what your audience will want to know or hear about. Simple concept yes – but it can be harder to execute! Go back to the good old ‘what’s in it for me’ theory and review your content with this in mind. The email should contain links to your own content, not others’ external links if you can avoid it. And don’t forget to tell them what you want them to do, otherwise known as the call-to-action!

Email marketing doesn’t need to be intrusive, spammy or difficult. It can actually create some incredibly effective leads, win you sales and increase your brand awareness significantly. Similarly, email marketing mistakes might cost you customer loyalty too, so it’s well worth investing in how your email marketing campaign might contribute positively to your overarching marketing strategy.

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