Brochure Copywriting

Brochure Copywriting

A marketing brochure is frequently considered to be the centre piece of your marketing collateral. Often setting the tone for the rest of your marketing suite, your brochure asserts a bold statement of your business’ personality. Through intelligent design and benefits-driven content, every page should ooze your company’s identity.

What is the story you want to tell? Why does your audience want to hear it? How will your brochure copywriting communicate the key messages in a way the reader feels to be authentic? The main areas I consider when crafting your brochure content are:

  • How will it be used? Is it for lead generation or to close a sale;
  • Which of your customers’ problems will be addressed;
  • How will the jargon be broken down into easy-to-understand language;
  • Can every feature be partnered with a corresponding benefit;
  • Which consistent tone of voice should be employed to establish credibility; and
  • How will the audience be instructed on what to do next.

Marketing Brochure Copywriter

I understand the significance of being an effective marketing brochure copywriter. This is THE piece that resonates and sets the tone for your business’ personality. All too often, it is unfortunately also the place where many create a big song and dance about how wonderful they are, as well as the great many accomplishments they hope to achieve. This will not win sales.

As an effective marketing brochure copywriter, I write copy that is benefits-driven and well-crafted. No fluff. Just results-oriented copywriting that works.

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