Hello. My name is Coralie and I am the sprightly typing fingers behind Carte Blanche. My professional background, prior to copywriting, was consultative sales and branding. (I’ve given a lot of advice on how to make a positive first impression!) With a BA in English literature, my passion for the written word led me to incorporate copywriting into my former creative agency role, and it wasn’t long before I started freelancing as a writer.

My understanding of the psychology of a sale means that I don’t get distracted by what a lot of left-brained people might term as ‘marketing fluff’. I’m a down-to-earth freelance copywriter who will have a direct and positive impact on your business. No drivel. Just results-oriented copy that works.

Today, my clients are creative agencies and businesses around the world who like working with me because I can contribute to any stage of the creative process with a diligent and collaborative working style. I count myself as pretty lucky to be able to a) learn about new and exciting innovations across different business sectors, and b) communicate them in a language that people engage with and get excited about.

Other than that, I’m an animal loving, coffee-drinking chilli enthusiast who is partial to a fine pinot noir. Originally from London, I’ve spent a large chunk of my adult life in Australia (chances are my life will be spent between the two). When I’m not writing, you’re likely to find me chowing down Italian food, walking, or watching a cheesy eighties’ flick.


My marketing copywriting services encompass a range of media from traditional print collateral through to the digital space, across both the B2B and B2C spaces.

I’ve helped businesses, across a variety of industry sectors, successfully increase their market exposure through well-crafted and considered content.

Want to say Howdy or need more information? I’m pretty friendly.